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Welcome to Yoga in Michelago, Googong & Bredbo

Hi, I’m Belinda and welcome to Yoga in the Bredbo, Michelago & Googong areas.

I first dabbled in yoga around 15 years ago for a bit of stretching and flexibility to help my lower back and my generally overall sore & tight body. I quickly realised that yoga was so much more than that as I found a sense of calm from yoga that really boosted my mental health.

In my busy life now, juggling all that “life stuff”, I think Yoga is the best “bang for your exercise buck”. It’s a physical practice that can help build strength and fitness while also incorporating stretching, flexibility and mindfulness through breathing exercises. Yoga has helped my body and my mind to be more flexible and more able to handle any challenges that come my way.

I love all of the benefits I’ve received from yoga and I am so excited to share yoga in our beautiful local community with anyone who is curious.

My intention is for my classes to be welcoming, friendly, inclusive and joyful. I want yoga to be enjoyable and accessible for everyone!


Current Classes Timetable

All classes are currently offered with either the online or face to face option (dependant on COVID restrictions).  

Please pick the time and class that suits you and then come along in person or join via zoom.

Sunday: 5-6:15pm Restorative at Michelago Hall

Monday: 6.30-7:45pm Flow at Bredbo Hall

Wednesday: 1-2pm Chair Yoga at Googong

Thursday: 6:30-7:45pm Flow at Michelago Hall

Saturday: 8:45-10am: Slow Flow at Bredbo Hall

75 minutes of beautiful, relaxing and restorative yoga to help you feel relaxed, rested and restored. This class suitable for absolutely everyone as all shapes are very gentle floor based positions supported by cushions, bolsters, yoga blocks and blankets to encourage the relaxation response of your parasympathetic nervous system.  When your parasympathetic nervous system is switched on, your body is able to relax, rest, digest, heal and restore itself.
So often we are go, go, go and then crash because we've forgotten how to rest in our full and demanding lives. This class gives you the time and space to fully let go and relax and you will leave feeling totally zen and ready to float through your week.

A 75 minute Vinyasa yoga flow class including opening breathing, warm up, a more dynamic/stronger flow, balancing shapes, floor based stretches and a final guided relaxation/meditation.  A wonderful full body practice incorporating an amazing balance of strength, flexibility, breathing and relaxation.

I aim to make this class suitable for all levels and can offer suggestions for props and modifications for all of the shapes so please contact me in advance if you have any specific injuries or limitations so I can suggest modifications for you to get the most out of this class.

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of seated yoga that allows people of all ages, fitness levels and experience to enjoy the benefits of yoga. 

This practice is suitable for people recovering from illness or injury, pre/post natal, those with a lack of mobility or poor balance and people looking for gentle exercise.

Each class begins with breathing and a warm up, moving through some seated yoga shapes and ends with a relaxation.

Yoga just for you, how amazing!!

Private sessions are fantastic if you have a specific health issue, injury or limitation that you’d like some addition guidance.

A private session can also be great if you’re a total newbie to yoga and would like a head start before coming to a class or if you feel more comfortable in a 1 to 1 setting.


Ethics & Qualifications

In August 2020, Belinda completed 300 hours of Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Trinity and is registered as a Level 1 Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia.

Belinda has completed the following additional training:

50 hour Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training with Sarah Owen

25 hour General Chair Yoga Training with Robyn Lewis from Yoga Enlightenment

6 hour Restorative Yoga Training with Cyndi Lee

PSYCH-K Facilitation with Minds Align

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

As a Yoga Australia registered Level 1 Yoga Teacher Belinda is required to follow their Statement of Ethics and Professional Code of Conduct. This Statement of Ethics from Yoga Australia guides yoga teachers in their work of supporting students’ yoga practice. It is based on the traditional yogic ethical principles, the yamas and niyamas, as outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. This Statement of Ethics reflects the timeless, living principle that our essential nature is awake, aware, compassionate and peaceful.

Yoga is a system of self-investigation, self-transformation and self-realisation. Its practices and lifestyle aim to integrate the body, mind, heart and spirit and awaken students to their innate wholeness. The role of the yoga teacher is to guide and support students in their practice of yoga. Yoga teachers aim to nurture the physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual well-being of students.

  1. Ahimsa – Nonviolence and Compassion As yoga teachers we seek to do no harm to others and to act with care and compassion.

  2. Satya – Truthfulness As yoga teachers we act truthfully at all times.

  3. Asteya – Not stealing As yoga teachers we only take what is rightfully ours.

  4. Brahmacharya – Self-Restraint in the path to wholeness We recognise that the teacher – student relationship exists to serve the deepest goals of yoga. Thus we practise self-restraint and direct our energy and actions toward these deep aims of yoga.

  5. Aparigraha – Non-clinging As yoga teachers we practise the principle of nonattachment and generosity and we welcome change, acknowledging the natural abundance of life.

  6. Sauca – Purity/Cleanliness As yoga teachers we cultivate purity of body, mind and environment. This includes fostering clarity of intention, ongoing self-care and a clean environment for yoga practice.

  7. Santosha – Contentment/Happiness As yoga teachers we practice an active acceptance of the present thus developing deep happiness.

  8. Tapas – Discipline As yoga teachers, we are dedicated to a disciplined and committed yogic lifestyle.

  9. Swadhyaya – Self-Study As yoga teachers we are committed to ongoing self-reflection and continued learning.

  • Ishvarapranidhana – Relationship with Wholeness Our aim as a yoga teacher is to serve the deepest goals of yoga. We honour and encourage an on-going relationship with innate wholeness and oneness with all life.


Yoga is NOT ... 

about being flexible!

Yoga is about showing up on your mat daily with no expectations of how it should go.

It's about not believing the labels like "too injured" or "too old" and finding a new way to be the best version of yourself.

Yoga is a lifestyle, not an exercise program. Although yoga has no judgement if you only want to use the poses to exercise.

Yoga is about discovering that those "crazy" thoughts in your head about why you "can't" or "shouldn't" are not true.

It is about slowing down and seeking something greater than yourself.

 Yoga is more than what you wear or if you can handstand.

Yoga is the ultimate practise of love.

- Kerri Verna


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